Upper Limb Silicone



Vesalius manufactures premium quality high definition silicone solutions that perfectly blend with everyday life. We work closely with highly skilled and experienced silicone technicians, and together we craft an extensive range of products, ensuring that each one is tailored to meet the unique requirements of our patients. We offer custom solutions ranging from single fingers to full biceps and full transfemoral prostheses, with three detailed finishes that suit every budget.

The Single Color range is meticulously hand-sculpted to reflect the patient’s texture, providing a custom finish at a competitive price. Colored nails are included to enhance the overall look of the prosthesis. The Medium series takes it up a notch with greater detail and additional features such as hair, moles, veins, and freckles, while still being hand-sculpted to reflect the patient’s healthy side. For the best level of detail, the High Resolution pack is the way to go. Our highly trained technicians match all information and colors from scratch, ensuring every detail is captured perfectly.

At Vesalius, we offer top-quality silicone upper extremity solutions that are both cosmetic and highly functional. Our custom designs cater to a range of amputations, including fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, arm, and shoulder. We offer both decorative and myoelectric covers to provide the best solution for our patients.

Our silicone products are crafted with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring they reflect the shape, size, skin tone, and features of each patient. We even add tattoos if requested to enhance the product further. Trust Vesalius for the best quality silicone solutions for all your prosthetic needs.



Vesalius has a network of reliable and internationally recognized partners and suppliers. Pioneer companies in the technologies of prostheses and orthotics, among them Ottobock, Ossur, Dorset, Streifeneder, Fillauer, Fior&Gentz, as well as in the field of therapeutic footwear, among them Perpedes, Duna, etc.