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Move your hand, your fingers, tie your shoelaces, paint, live. All these with artificial upper limbs. At Vesalius, you will find advanced prosthetic limbs and scientifically trained personnel.

What Are Upper Limb Prostheses 

Upper limb prostheses cover a wide range of needs. There are arm prostheses that replace the limb from the shoulder or upper arm, allowing significant movement and functionality.

Forearm prostheses cover the area from the elbow to the wrist, providing stability and control in forearm movements.

Finally, hand and finger prostheses are designed to replace hands or fingers, allowing fine and precise movements for performing daily tasks such as grasping objects and writing.

All artificial limbs are tailored to your individual needs. The ultimate goal of the rehabilitation process is for the prosthesis to fit and function as an extension of your body.

Types of Upper Limb Prostheses 

Choosing the appropriate upper limb prosthesis depends on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Mechanical Prostheses 

A mechanical prosthesis is a functional prosthesis that responds to body movements. It is used for the arm, forearm, and shoulder disarticulations.

By using a strap that adjusts to the body, the hand or elbow semi-automatically responds to body movements. Depending on the model you choose and in collaboration with the Vesalius Orthopedic Engineer, the capabilities it offers are determined.

Myoelectric Prostheses 

Myoelectric prostheses offer movement in the hand and elbow that almost mimics natural movement. Thus, they give you the ability to hold or lift large and small, light and heavy objects, meeting daily needs such as cooking or writing.

Myoelectric prostheses also include the most modern field, that of bionic prostheses. Bionic prostheses, sophisticated in design and technology, offer a wide range of movements, such as individual finger movement, speed control, selectable thumb positions, and various grip patterns.

Cosmetic-Passive Prostheses 

Cosmetic or passive prostheses do not offer functional movement but are designed to enhance aesthetic appearance and psychological comfort. They are often used for social situations when active use of the limb is not required.

Silicone cosmetic prostheses include a socket, which houses the residual limb, the part of the limb that remains after amputation, and a silicone hand that aesthetically simulates the colors and size of your body.

At Vesalius, you will find advanced upper limb prosthetic limbs with free specialized service once a year. Additionally, we are professionals who will be with you at every new step, providing the necessary psychological support.


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