1B1 Meridium
1B1 Meridium
1B1 Meridium
1B1 Meridium

1B1 Meridium

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Code: 1B1

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description


Blaze new trails.

The Meridium prosthetic foot offers you a high level of safety along with increased adaptability and a more natural motion sequence. The unique 4-axis design with hydraulic real-time control adjusts itself immediately to your walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs or varying terrain.

The relief function automatically lowers the forefoot to the floor when you are sitting, providing a comfortable, more natural foot position.

Thanks to the automatic heel height adjustment, the Meridium is suitable for various types of shoes. The inconvenience caused by frequent shoe changes is now a thing of the past. With the Meridium, you can quickly and easily adapt the heel height to your shoes, whatever the occasion.

It's more than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.


Product Type

Microprocessor controlled feet with dynamic ankle rotation

Mobility Grade

K2, K3

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral, Trans-tibial

Benefits at a glance01

Ascending and descending slopes

Uphill or downhill – thanks to the Meridium’s ability to adapt, you can manage inclined surfaces effortlessly from the very first step. Increased safety thanks to more ground clearance when walking uphill, comfortable when going downhill thanks to the adapted rollover and fast full-surface ground contact.

Walking on uneven terrain

The Meridium adapts to the terrain with every step. From cobblestones, to grass, to forest paths – it offers a high level of stability on different types of terrain thanks to real-time adjustment and improved ground contact.

Going down stairs

The Meridium prosthetic foot lets you place your entire foot on the step as you go down stairs. Instead of thinking about positioning your foot correctly, you can concentrate on your surroundin



Stable standing

The Meridium intuitively identifies when you are no longer moving and require a secure, stable stance – even on slopes or uneven terrain.

Relief when sitting

When sitting, the Meridium prosthetic foot lowers itself to the floor, which achieves a more natural-looking foot position and can also help relieve your residual limb.

Automatic heel height adjustment

Whether you are barefoot or wearing flat soles or heels – thanks to automatic heel height adjustment, shoes can be changed quickly and easily with the Meridium prosthetic foot.