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3d printing

Innovation and expertise

3d printing has been applied in aerospace, automotive industry, and dentistry for a long time. Today, its use has also been established in orthopedic technology.
We often use 3d printing to manufacture certain types of orthoses (Pediatric AFO / SMO, KAFO, KO, Arm Orthosis e.g.). In this process, the orthosis is digitally designed and then printed on a 3d printer.
The basis for making a 3d orthosis is a 3d scanning, using a high precision scanner. Creating the scan is fast, clean, and contactless. Your orthotist designs and renders the orthosis digitally, according to your needs, and sends it off for 3d printing. The orthosis is now ready!
Depending on the requirements of the individual orthosis, we choose between firm or flexible high quality materials, dermatologically tested. We guarantee the high functionality of your orthosis, added to its modern look.
The perforations present in a 3d orthosis are specially designed for you. We use them to ensure the air circulation, reduce sweating, and also minimize the weight of the orthosis. Your orthosis is designed in a way that makes it easy to wear and take it off. Finally, it is waterproof, due to the resistance of high end materials to water.
Our products are custom made, and are made to measure, according to your wishes in colour and design.
Contact us today and find out more about 3d printing orthotics of upper & lower limbs, always with the signature of VESALIUS quality and know-how.



Vesalius has a network of reliable and internationally recognized partners and suppliers. Pioneer companies in the technologies of prostheses and orthotics, among them Ottobock, Ossur, Dorset, Streifeneder, Fillauer, Fior&Gentz, as well as in the field of therapeutic footwear, among them Perpedes, Duna, etc.