Orthosis Shoes



Orthosis Shoes

Providing Comfort and Stability for Your Feet and Orthoses

When it comes to orthosis shoes, it is crucial that they meet various requirements to ensure comfort and stability for the user. These shoes are designed to fit over leg orthoses, so it is essential to have enough space to accommodate both the orthosis and the foot. Additionally, there must be enough room to fit an orthosis joint at ankle height. Standard commercial shoes do not offer the necessary space, making orthosis shoes a must-have for anyone using an orthosis.

One of the most important features of an orthosis shoe is its durability. Since orthoses place more strain on shoe materials than the foot alone, orthosis shoes must have robust materials to withstand this added pressure. The materials must also provide stability while allowing a range of motion, ensuring that the user can move around comfortably.

Other important properties of an orthosis shoe include ease of use and high wearing comfort. Users should be able to put the shoes on and take them off with orthoses with ease. Additionally, the shoes must have high stability while allowing freedom of movement to avoid any discomfort.

Finally, for the user, it is essential that the orthosis shoe not only functions well but also looks good. The design should be appealing to both children and adults alike. An orthosis should not prevent anyone from wearing a fashionable shoe. A visually appealing design can also increase the acceptance rate of a medical device among users.

At VESALIUS, we sell orthosis shoes that meet all of these requirements. Our orthosis shoes provide ample space and durability to accommodate leg orthoses while still maintaining high wearing comfort and stability. With our shoes, you can have the best of both worlds: function and fashion. Choose VESALIUS for all your orthosis shoe needs.



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