3C60 Kenevo
3C60 Kenevo
3C60 Kenevo
3C60 Kenevo
3C60 Kenevo

3C60 Kenevo


Code: Kenevo

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

Evolve with Kenevo

Walking with a prosthesis for the first time means building up confidence step by step. This also applies if you use other devices or generally do not move about much. You become more flexible and independent only when your confidence in the prosthesis grows.

The Kenevo puts a focus on safety. It provides support in typical everyday situations with its basic functions. Moreover, the activity modes make it highly adaptable. The Kenevo keeps pace with your growing skills, for instance during rehabilitation, and adapts itself to decreasing mobility equally well.

The new Kenevo features new functions that make day-to-day life easier and richer. They include the intuitive assisted descent of ramps and the use of an indoor bicycle (static bike). The prosthesis is easier to put on and it can be charged without removing the foam cover. The knee joint can be configured using a smartphone with the Cockpit app.



Product Type

Microprocessor Knee

Mobility Grade

K1, K2

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Hip disarticulation, Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral

Kenevo – safe and supportive01

Supported sitting down

The Kenevo automatically detects when you sit down and assists you. Even if your movement is slow, you stay in control, because the joint bends accordingly slowly. This feature makes the Kenevo a very stable leg prosthesis. You can hold on to the chair or a walking aid with your hands while sitting down.

Supported standing up

It is possible to put weight on the Kenevo while standing up. Even if you need to pause again, this is not a problem – the leg prosthesis reacts immediately and allows you to pause with the knee flexed. This is a function for balance and stability.

Standing function

The Kenevo provides the greatest possible safety while standing, regardless of the selected activity mode. In activity modes A and B, safety is provided by the locked stance phase. The stance phase refers to the moments where you stand on the floor with the prosthesis. In the more dynamic activity mode C, stable standing is possible even with the knee flexed, thanks to the intuitive stance feature.


Kenevo - Reclaim Your Sense of Security

Enhanced safety

Carpet edges, thresholds or other tripping hazards should not be an obstacle. The Kenevo has various safety features which are proven to reduce falls. These include Stumble Recovery Plus, this feature covers the entire swing phase, providing the highest level of safety possible. The difference between a stumble and fall can take milliseconds. Unlike other MPKs, the Kenevo does not need to detect a stumble in order to provide the additional support. Instead, As a result, the knee is already prepared on every swing phase for a stumble, therefore there is no reaction time and the risk to the patient is reduced even further. If a stumble was to occur as the knee is extending, the stance resistance is already very high preventing the knee from bending further when the patient lands on it following a stumble.

Assisted descent of ramps

A new function of the Kenevo provides intuitive support while walking down ramps. As you bend the knee the resistance increases to support and control your descent. This improves stability and can support your mobility, both indoors and out.

Wheelchair function

Thanks to additional ground clearance, the Kenevo also facilitates sitting in a wheelchair. With only one hand movement, the prosthetic knee joint can be locked between a slightly bent position and an almost fully extended leg. This prevents the leg prosthesis from getting caught on the ground.