Cosmetic Silicone Gloves

Cosmetic Silicone Gloves

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Manufacturer: Steeper

Short Description

The cosmetic gloves are designed for the purpose of covering a prosthesis only and are made of silicone and PVC.
The silicone and PVC gloves are available in 19 colors in either a Standard finish or TrueFinishTM which features micropigmentation for a more vibrant look.

What you need to know01

Tailored to you

This low profile option allows you to get a realistic looking prosthesis with the option to add whatever unique feature you have that makes you feel more secure and comfortable. Combining creativity with artistry, our products are handcrafted by specially trained artisans, aiming to give you the most natural result possible.

It offers a soft and smooth finish

For limb prostheses, the custom silicone tapers to your existing limb, creating a natural look. Separating lines (wrinkles), are issues that will not concern you with this product. The wires on the inside of your fingers allow you to hold objects with them.

Add color

You can also apply nail polish to nails made of acrylic material. Just use an acetone-free product to wash them off and start over!