Upper Limb Bionic Prosthetics



VESALIUS is a leading manufacturer of Upper Limb Bionic Prosthetics that are changing the lives of amputees all over the world. Our bionic prosthetics offer custom designs for a range of upper limb amputations including fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, arm, and shoulder.

Our prosthetics are not only cosmetic but also highly functional, offering amputees the ability to regain lost functionality and independence. With our myoelectric prostheses, users can control the movement of the prosthetic limb using their muscles, providing a more natural and intuitive movement.

We understand that each amputee has unique requirements, which is why our team of highly trained technicians customizes each product to meet the patient’s specific needs. Our prosthetics are hand-sculpted to reflect the shape, size, skin tone, and features of the patient. We even offer the option of adding tattoos to enhance the product’s appearance and reflect the patient’s individuality.

Our Upper Limb Bionic Prosthetics may come in three different finishes to suit every budget. Our Single Color range offers a custom finish at a competitive price, including colored nails to enhance the overall look. The Medium range includes a greater level of detail with additional features available such as hair, moles, veins, and freckles. Our High Resolution range offers the best level of detail, with all information and colors matched from scratch by our technicians to ensure every detail is captured perfectly.

At VESALIUS, we believe that everyone deserves to live their lives to the fullest, regardless of any physical limitations. That’s why we are committed to providing the best quality Upper Limb Bionic Prosthetics on the market, designed to help amputees regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives.

Investing in our bionic prosthetics is not only an investment in an individual’s physical well-being but also in their mental and emotional well-being. The ability to regain lost functionality can have a profound impact on an amputee’s self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to a better quality of life and greater happiness.

In conclusion, if you or a loved one has experienced an upper limb amputation, consider investing in VESALIUS’s Upper Limb Bionic Prosthetics. With our custom designs, high-quality materials, and commitment to improving the lives of amputees, we are confident that our prosthetics will exceed your expectations and provide a new level of independence and functionality.



Vesalius has a network of reliable and internationally recognized partners and suppliers. Pioneer companies in the technologies of prostheses and orthotics, among them Ottobock, Ossur, Dorset, Streifeneder, Fillauer, Fior&Gentz, as well as in the field of therapeutic footwear, among them Perpedes, Duna, etc.