S-Charge System
S-Charge System
S-Charge System

S-Charge System

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Code: S-Charge System

Manufacturer: Steeper

Short Description

The S-Charge System is a user friendly, powerful internal battery system with an OLED Display and a magnetic charger, that is fitted into a prosthetic forearm. This allows the user to easily activate, deactivate and charge their prosthesis whilst confidently monitoring the power status during use through the display of real-time battery life icons.

  • High capacity 3500mAh battery system
  • Low profile Battery Pack which can easily be fitted into the user's forearm
  • Easy-release magnetic charger which fully charges the device within 5 hours
  • Automatic Sleep Mode activation for power saving during the day
  • Flexible configuration as the Hub can be placed anywhere in the forearm
  • OLED Display shows real-time battery life icons
  • Simple one-button operation to activate the device


S-Charge Hub

The S-Charge Hub is the central component of the S-Charge System with both the Display and the batteries connecting to it. The Hub also contains the battery charge circuit, and similarly to the 3500S Battery Pack, the Hub can be configured to fit anywhere within the user’s forearm for discreet and easy installation.

Display & Mounting Frame

With real-time battery life icons, the OLED Display provides increased feedback to the user, enabling them to monitor the remaining power on their prosthesis and be alerted when the charge drops below 10%. A symbol will also appear if there is a charging fault. Sitting within a raised Mounting Frame, the Display is protected from accidental activation and being caught on clothes or accessories.

New 3500S Battery Pack

The 3500S Battery Pack has been specifically designed for the S-Charge System, and can be easily fitted within an adult forearm. The 3500S Battery Pack has an increased capacity of 3500mAh, providing the user with over four days of power dependant on usage.