DynamicArm Plus

DynamicArm Plus


Code: 12K110N

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

Natural movement characteristics for ultimate independence.

The DynamicArm Plus elbow joint is intended for the treatment of users with transhumeral or higher amputation levels who are able to use more than two EMG signals to control their prosthesis, for example after a TMR operation.

Benefits at a glance01

Nine different programs

Nine different programs allow the system to adapt to various requirements.

AFB flexion aid

Energy released when extending the arm is stored with the help of the AFB (Automatic Forearm Balance) flexion aid and subsequently used to support flexion. The flexion aid also allows the arm to swing freely in a smooth, natural manner.

All the advantages of the ErgoArm Electronic plus

Inner ratchetless lock as well as slip-stop function and AFB along with the electrical through-connection (Easy Plug) and inner, infinitely variable electronic lock.

Discreet and silent

Movement is naturally slowed when the forearm swings freely during walking.

Infinitely variable speed control

Gripping speed and force are continuously monitored by two measuring systems and controlled in proportion to the muscle signal.

Integrated BionicLink Bluetooth interface

Allows all individual settings to be made wirelessly, even when the user is wearing the prosthesis (article no. 60X5).