1C30 Trias
1C30 Trias
1C30 Trias
1C30 Trias
1C30 Trias

1C30 Trias

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Code: 1C30

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description


Safe as expected.

The Trias was designed for moderately active users who navigate indoor and familiar outdoor environments and place a high value on consistent stability when walking.

Whether you’re at home or on your way to your favourite outdoor setting, the Trias gives you a sense of safety. With its harmonious functionality and outstanding control you can trust Trias, as you know exactly how it behaves. It gives you certainty and a pleasant feeling – for walking and prolonged standing.

  • The Trias foot will guarantee you...
  • A soft rollover
  • Excellent energy return
  • Supported and controlled movements
  • and much more...
  • It’s more than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.



Product Type

Carbon Feet

Mobility Grade

K2, K3

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Hip disarticulation, Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral, Trans-tibial

1C30 Trias01

You choose your movements

The Trias adapts to varying terrain and ensures stability, whether you’re at home or on your way to your favourite outdoor setting. The Trias carbon foot makes you feel safe.

Energy return that’s right for you

The Trias prosthetic foot delivers reliable performance with every step. From a slow stroll in the park to walking at moderate speed, you can set your own pace with the Trias.

Soft rollover for easy movement patterns

Reflecting the anatomy of the human foot, the triangular design of the Trias offers you a soft rollover for comfortable walking.

Το Trias 1C30 02

1C30 Trias prosthetic foot - tutorial

Fully waterproof

Want to take a shower or go to the pool? It’s possible with the Trias. Water runoff channels on the adapter and openings in the sole prevent water from collecting in your prosthesis during these activities.

More than a foot. A foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes a difference in the success of your treatment. Learn more about prosthetic feet in general and our other foot options here.


Walking through puddles, taking a shower or swimming in the pool ‒ it’s no problem for Anita with the new Trias. An extra-special feature are the water runoff contours on the adapter and openings in the sole of the footshell that prevent water from collecting in the prosthesis during these activities.