Neuro Tronic Knee Joint
Neuro Tronic Knee Joint

Neuro Tronic Knee Joint


Code: Neuro Tronic

Manufacturer: FIOR & GENTZ

Short Description

The NEURO TRONIC is an automatic, electromechanical system knee joint for the construction of an orthosis with microprocessor-controlled stance phase control. A stance phase-controlled orthosis with NEURO TRONIC system knee joint offers the patient safety in the stance phase (mechanically locked) and dynamics in the swing phase (mechanically unlocked) when walking. Thus, a natural gait is achieved.

The NEURO TRONIC system joint comes with a slim, anatomically shaped controller that contains all the electronics as well as the battery. The controller is discreetly integrated into the lower leg shell of the orthosis. The motion sensors in the controller register the position and movement of the lower leg and signal to the system joint when it should lock and unlock. The sensor data is processed 400 times per second by the high-performance microprocessor, which allows the system joint to react extremely quickly to situational changes when walking.

The new technology of the NEURO TRONIC system knee joint enables the patient to take the first step with the orthosis leg when changing from stance to gait. This is particularly useful for patients whose legs are both treated with an orthosis with stance phase control. The NEURO TRONIC orthosis joint and the controller with the electronics are splashproof (IP44), which means that even walks on the beach or cycling with shorts in the rain pose no problem.

The system joint is preassembled in a physiological joint angle of 5°. Via Bluetooth, the NEURO TRONIC is paired with the remote control included in the scope of delivery.

The NEURO TRONIC can be operated by smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth as an alternative to the provided remote control. The above-mentioned modes can thus be selected via different devices, according to the patient’s preference. For the operation of the system joint via smartphone or smartwatch, the User app can be downloaded free of charge.

The orthotist adjusts the settings of the system joint’s automatic function via the Expert app. Thus, the function of the orthosis can be easily and precisely adapted to the patient’s safety needs and gait. After purchasing the product, the Expert app (only for the orthotist) and the User app (for the patient) can be installed on one or more mobile devices of your choice.

Additionally to the option of changing the mode via electronic devices, the system joint can also be permanently unlocked (Free mode) in a mechanical way. This is ideal for activities like driving a car or cycling. The patient can unlock the system joint themself by means of a rotary switch under the system joint.


Auto mode

The system joint is locked for stance phase control when standing. It automatically detects when the patient changes from stance to gait. It thereby secures the knee against unwanted bending in the stance phase by automatically locking it. In the swing phase, it automatically unlocks again.

Free mode

The system joint is permanently unlocked.

Lock mode

The system joint is permanently locked.

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