Pro-Flex Pivot
Pro-Flex Pivot

Pro-Flex Pivot

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Code: PFP0

Manufacturer: OSSUR

Short Description

Pro-Flex Pivot foot by Össur is a step in the right direction, providing a 95% increase in peak ankle power and an 82% increase in range of ankle motion when compared to a conventional energy storing and return foot.

Pro-Flex combines an incredible 27° of ankle motion with significantly greater ankle power than a conventional carbon fiber foot

Developed to specifically enhance protection of the sound side, it mimics biomechanical movement to deliver a proven 13% reduction in load on the contralateral limb


Product Type

Carbon Feet

Mobility Grade

K1, K2

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Hip disarticulation, Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral, Trans-tibial


27° ankle motion

Exceptional energy return

Helps reduce load on contralateral limb by 13%

Innovative pivot mechanism

Aesthetic anatomical footcover

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Pro-Flex Pivot