3A2500 Kinegen Knee Joint
3A2500 Kinegen Knee Joint
3A2500 Kinegen Knee Joint

3A2500 Kinegen Knee Joint

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Code: 3A2500

Manufacturer: Streifeneder

Short Description

3A2500 KINEGEN: with the hydraulic swing phase control and the hydraulic shock absorption action we are able to create a harmonic gait pattern.

  • adjustable hydraulic end position damping for optimal wearing comfort
  • adaption to the walking speed
  • shiftable proximal connection in A-P direction approx. 10 mm
  • shortened leg during swing phase by polycentric knee joint construction
  • simple adjustment options of the hydraulic extension- and flexion resistance by means of sensory feedback (clicks)
  • integrated pneumatic chamber for extension assist
  • simple and safe switching into freewheel mode (cycling mode) by means of push button
  • various proximal connection options (pyramid and M36 threaded connection)
  • energy saving initialization of swing phase
  • mechanical stance phase controle by polycentric technology (posterior position of pivot point)
  • high-capacity hydraulics due to bigger zylinder volume - thermically inoffensive
  • excellent running smoothness due to high-quality bearings


Product Type

Hydraulic Knee

Mobility Grade

K3, K4

Amputation Level


Maximum body weight