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Code: 28U11

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Point of Application: Ankle

Short Description

Safer walking:

The ankle-foot orthosis is made of a modern carbon fibre prepreg material which is very lightweight. A carbon spring at the back extends from the Achilles tendon to the calf. The WalkOn provides support during walking for users with residual musculature. The orthosis releases previously stored energy at toe-off so the gait becomes smoother. The ankle joint is stabilised at the same time.

  • Lightweight and discreet: The WalkOn is lightweight, slim and discreet under clothing. A removable calf pad makes it even more comfortable for you.
  • Use regular footwear: The orthosis fits in any shoe that provides support. You should merely ensure that the shoe has a reinforced heel. To put on the orthosis, you should position the WalkOn in the shoe and then slide in your foot.
  • Enhanced safety: You gain safety because the WalkOn supports and lifts your foot during the swing phase while walking. The risk of getting caught with the tip of the foot, for example on carpet edges or uneven ground, is reduced.
  • Walk more naturally: The special material stores energy when you step down with the heel and releases it again during the rollover movement of the foot. This makes walking more natural for you – regardless of whether you walk slow or fast, or how much weight you put on the foot.
  • Robust and durable: The WalkOn is especially robust. It has proven its durability in tests and long-term function testing.
  • Moving naturally: You can move naturally with the WalkOn. When you crouch down or climb stairs, for example, you can put a natural load on the forefoot. The WalkOn is perfectly suited for many everyday situations.



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