Iceross Activa Cushion TT Liner

Iceross Dermo Uniform Cushion TT Liner

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Code: I-4406XX

Manufacturer: OSSUR

Short Description

Iceross Dermo Uniform profile is designed to retrofit commonly found profile types, providing the popular features of the Iceross Dermo liners. Recommended for low to moderately active transtibial users, vascular users and those with sensitive skin.

Silken inner surface
Micro engineered surface for superior skin conformance.

Fabric cover
The outer cover provides extreme wear and tear, strength, and durability while allowing radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.

Active skin care
Vaseline® and Aloe Vera are incorporated in Dermasil® silicone to soothe and help maintain healthy skin.

Stabilising matrix
Unique integrated matrix allows radial stretch and limits vertical stretch for increased stability and skin comfort.

A soft, extra thick distal cushion improves user comfort, protects sensitive distal ends, and conforms to irregular distal shapes.


Product Type


Mobility Grade

K1, K2

Amputation Level