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Lumbar Belt  MyPrim Kids

Thumb Immobilizer of Fibreocarpal Splint MyPrim Kids


Code: 0802378

Manufacturer: PRIM

Point of Application: ThumbUpper Limb

Short Description

It immobilizes the wrist joint thanks to an anatomically contoured palmar splint made of molded malleable aluminum, which limits palmar flexion. A back brace provides the necessary rigidity to improve joint stabilization. Velcro fasteners allow the wrist support to be tightened easily and securely. Thumb immobilizer for attachment to the wrist rest. It has an aluminum splint that allows the thumb joint to be immobilized as the injury requires.


  • Immobilization, treatment after surgery or injury.
  • Immobilization of the joint and protection of the wrist joints (carpometacarpal joint).
  • Stability of the wrist in case of muscular dystrophy.
  • Joint stabilization, metacarpophalangeal joint.



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