1C70 Evanto
1C70 Evanto
1C70 Evanto
1C70 Evanto
1C70 Evanto

1C70 Evanto

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Code: 1C70

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

Experience more natural walking with Evanto.

Evanto is the most innovative premium mechanical prosthetic foot since the invention of carbon feet 40 years ago.It marks a new era in prosthetic foot design, connecting dynamics, flexibility, and compact build height. Evanto provides a unique level of multi-axial flexibility, and its adaptation to uneven terrain empowers you with comfort and confidence.Feel the flow and experience a new walking and standing experience that feels more natural and comfortable compared to even the most advanced conventional carbon foot. Evanto provides high flexibility and energy at the same time. It does not compromise between both functions, unlike conventional carbon feet.

The innovative design features exchangeable high-performance wedges for energy storage, energy return, and shock absorption that can be adjusted to your needs. The ankle joint allows for up to 20° range of motion, and the carbon spring has a compact 3-point bending design that allows for energy to be loaded vertically through the ankle joint. Both the ankle joint and carbon spring have a flexible connection that enables torsion and mediolateral flexibility. Evanto gives users the freedom to find their flow and stay in it – all day, every day, no matter where they take it.


Product Type

Carbon Feet

Mobility Grade

K2, K3, K4

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Hip disarticulation, Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral, Trans-tibial



Benefits at a Glance01

Feel the flow

With Evanto, you can move more naturally and comfortably. It’s a foot you don’t just walk on: you glide through every cushioned step. Evanto gives you the freedom to find your flow, all day, every day, no matter where you take it.

Active on different terrains

Whether you're on a rocky path, a forest floor, or in the city: Evanto adapts to different terrains, providing you with comfort and confidence. With this foot, you can also cover longer distances with less fatigue and move in confined spaces with ease.

Make a splash

Evanto allows you to take a shower, swim in the sea, or work out in the pool. It's your reliable partner even in heavy rain showers. Evanto is fully waterproof and can be worn in salt, fresh, and chlorinated water.

1C70 Evanto – Innovation & Energy.02

On stairs and slopes

Walking up and down stairs feels more comfortable thanks to Evanto's heel cushioning. You can also easily conquer steep slopes during your next city stroll or hike.

Relaxed Standing

With multi-axial flexibility and vertical deflection, Evanto provides a flexible standing experience that feels more natural and comfortable. You can intuitively shift the load between sides, meaning you can also benefit from increased socket comfort.

Moving in confined spaces

Don't have much space for big movements, but still want to remain flexible? Thanks to its excellent multi-axial flexibility and torsion capability, movements in confined spaces and turning movements with your prosthetic side are no problems with Evanto.