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Three generations of leadership in orthopedic rehabilitation

In Greece, under the name of the pioneer of anatomy Andrea Vesalius, there are three generations of orthopedic engineers dedicated to the restoration of body movement. It was 1941 when Constantine Karatzas began to apprentice next to Swiss orthopedics. The war had created enormous needs in the field of anatomy, care and orthopedic rehabilitation. Ten years later, the leader of the restoration of body movement was founder and teacher at the National Orthopaedic Laboratory in Thessaloniki and a story that would become part of thousands of people. The story of today’s VESALIUS began. In 1974, Leonardos Sinioris took over the reins of the family business "Orthopedic K. Karatzas".

Today, the torch of family business has passed into the hands of Constantine Sinioris, orthopedic engineering graduate of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Bremen Fachhochschule) with significant experience in major German orthopedic rehabilitation companies (Richter Orthopaedie, HBO).

VESALIUS is undergoing a new era with new services, expanded service network throughout Greece and even more sophisticated anatomical structures to prevent problems, treatment and rehabilitation of motion.

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