Caring for your shoes is crucial for maintaining their longevity and keeping them looking new. To ensure that your shoes last for years to come, we recommend following these six simple tips:

  1. Give your shoes a break. Wearing the same shoes day after day can cause them to wear out quickly. By alternating between two or more pairs of shoes and giving them a 24-hour rest break, you can extend their lifespan significantly.
  2. Change your footbeds regularly. Over time, footbeds can lose their grip due to the strain they endure. Replacing them regularly will not only improve their grip but also provide added comfort.
  3. Use a shoehorn. Using a shoehorn helps to protect the heel counter and maintain optimal heel guidance, preventing any damage to your shoes.
  4. Avoid placing your shoes near the radiator. Instead, let them dry at room temperature. To keep the leather from drying out, use a high-quality shoe cream or a nubuck cleaning block.
  5. Protect your shoes from moisture. Before wearing your shoes for the first time, spray them with a moisture protection spray. Repeat this process at regular intervals to keep your shoes safe from water damage.
  6. Brush the leather regularly. To keep your shoes looking their best, we recommend brushing the leather regularly. We also offer a range of shoe creams and brushes to help you maintain your shoes in the best possible condition.

By following these six simple tips, you can extend the lifespan of your shoes significantly and ensure that they remain comfortable and stylish for years to come.







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