OH7 Knee Joint

OH7 Knee Joint

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Code: 1725180

Manufacturer: OSSUR

Short Description

OH7 Knee is a hydraulic polycentric knee joint. OH7 can be adapted to different walking speeds, using the hydraulic system. Four different socket connection options support use with different amputation levels.

Key features

  • Polycentric knee with adjustable geometric locking system
  • Swing control adjustment using 3-phase (3-valve) hydraulic system
  • Designed for multi-speed ambulation, higher impact levels and heavier loads
  • Simple modification of the socket connector
  • Adjustable stance flexion with IKF adapter
  • Adjustable extension promoter
  • Low build height, useful for long trans-femoral limbs or knee disarticulation
  • 30mm (13/16") pylon adaptability
  • High knee flexion angle up to 150°


Product Type

Hydraulic Knee

Mobility Grade

K2, K3

Amputation Level

Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral

Maximum body weight