Neuro Lock H2O Knee Joint Waterproof
Neuro Lock H2O Knee Joint Waterproof

Neuro Lock H2O Knee Joint Waterproof


Code: Neuro Lock H2O

Manufacturer: FIOR & GENTZ

Short Description

The NEURO LOCK H2O system knee joint is a locked joint which is dirt- and water-resistant thanks to its robust, carbon fibre-reinforced joint case. It provides motion control and is preassembled in a physiological joint angle of 5°. It can be unlocked via a lock lever. With this lock lever and the use of a fixing pawl, the system joint can be permanently unlocked.

Furthermore, the NEURO LOCK H2O system knee joint can be functionally converted into a NEURO CLASSIC H2O system knee joint by removing the locking pawl, the spring guide and the pressure spring. 




Water-Resistant. Ultralight. Unilateral Use01


With the new water-resistant system knee joints by FIOR & GENTZ it is now possible for the first time to produce a completely water-resistant KAFO. This gives patients even more flexibility and freedom in their everyday life


The water-resistant NEURO LOCK H2O system knee joint has a locking pawl that locks the joint permanently. The locking pawl can be handled by means of the lever extension or a pulling cable. Thanks to the fixing pawl, the system joint can be permanently unlocked whereby it becomes a free moving joint with integrated posterior offset. Patients can use this function, for instance, when riding a bicycle. The NEURO LOCK H2O is available in the system widths 14mm, 16mm and 20mm


The system knee joint is permanently locked by the locking pawl. It can be unlocked for flexing the leg. The unlocking is done via a lever extension (lock lever) or a pulling cable. The orthotist can either mount the lever extension included in the scope of delivery or use a pulling cable which is available as an accessory part. Special feature: The NEURO LOCK H2O system knee joint can also be used as a main joint with complete load capacity in a unilateral orthosis.


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