Iceross Seal-In X5 TF Conical Liner

Iceross Seal-In X5 TF Conical Liner

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Code: I-TF678XX

Manufacturer: OSSUR

Short Description

Iceross Seal-In X5 TF features Seal-In Technology with five integrated seals that adapt to the shape of the residual limb and the internal socket wall, providing an airtight seal. An airtight fit is achieved thanks to the flexible silicone suction suspension system. Minimized pistoning and enhanced rotational control allow users to enjoy improved comfort and stability. Combine Seal-In Technology with Unity vacuum system for stabilization of volume fluctuations and comfortable socket fit throughout the day.

Silken inner surface
Micro engineered surface for superior skin conformance.

Menthol is one of our active skin care ingredients, offering the added benefit of a pleasant, fresh smell. The Japanese have been enjoying its properties for over 2000 years. Widely used to relieve minor irritations, menthol has a cooling and calming effect on the skin.

Active skin care
Vaseline® and Aloe Vera are incorporated in Dermasil® silicone to soothe and help maintain healthy skin.

This feature is designed to provide a much more comfortable and intimate liner fit for amputees with conical-shaped residual limbs. The conical shape incorporates a series of vertical waves intended to reduce pressure and help prevent the edges of the proximal end from rolling down.

Fabric cover
The outer cover provides extreme wear and tear, strength, and durability while allowing radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.

Stabilising matrix
Unique integrated matrix allows radial stretch and limits vertical stretch for increased stability and skin comfort.

With the ingenious Hypobaric Sealing Membrane (HSM™) the Iceross Seal-In Liner optimizes suspension and comfort while offering ultimate user convenience for daily use • Transtibial hypobaric suspension without a knee sleeve • Ease of donning and doffing • Improved rotation control


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Mobility Grade

K1, K2, K3, K4

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