CTi3 Knee Brace
CTi3 Knee Brace

CTi3 Knee Brace


Code: CTI-2XXX

Manufacturer: OSSUR

Point of Application: Knee

Short Description

CTi3 is a comfortable, lightweight and durable ligament knee brace, which provides stabilization of the knee joint and an anatomical design suitable for both everyday activities and sports.

CTi3 brings a new vision to double upright knee braces. Innovative engineering makes CTi3 an excellent option for most of your patient population. Suitable for both everyday activities and sports, CTi3 offers great quality with its enhanced construction and anatomical fit for elevated comfort.

  • Lightweight, high strength carbon composite frames provide the optimal stiffness to weight ratio.
  • Designed to fit a wider range of leg shapes and includes an Accutrac hinge to closely follow the knee’s anatomical movement.
  • Unique liners enhance comfort with their special tread block pattern, which provides a balance of cushion and ventilation.



Left, Right


S, M, L, XL


Enhanced Construction

Anatomical Fit

Elevated Comfort