Code: C-Brace

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

Taking you further.
The computer-controlled C-Brace KAFO takes freedom of movement to a completely new level. The C-Brace is the first-ever KAFO that allows users to flex their leg under load (in order to sit down, for example), and to negotiate slopes, walk on uneven terrain or descend stairs step-over-step.

And the new C-Brace has even more to offer. It’s smaller, so it can also be worn under clothing; and it’s lighter, so the user doesn’t need to exert as much effort when walking. New sensor technology makes the entire gait pattern even more dynamic and responsive. The user can also change settings on their joint, e.g., switching to cycling mode, via a smartphone app.


Maximum body weight



Enhanced safety while walking

The C-Brace® responds in real time. This makes users feel safe even when they face potential trip hazards – because they can take steps or sit down with the knee flexed, and can also walk on uneven terrain or slopes.

New freedom of movement

The new C-Brace® allows users to experience a whole new world of movement. At last they can walk slowly or quickly, negotiate slopes or rough terrain, avoid trip hazards, descend stairs step-over-step or flex the leg while it’s under load.

Small, lightweight, dynamic movement patterns

The new C-Brace® is small enough to be worn inconspicuously under clothing. Because it’s lightweight, the user expends less effort while walking. The new sensor technology makes the C-Brace® even more intuitive to use; movement patterns are even more dynamic and responsive.