6Y88 Skeo 3D Liner

6Y88 Skeo 3D Liner

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Code: 6Y88

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

Thanks to its shape, the 6Y88 Skeo Skinguard represents a new dimension of comfort and fit for transfemoral amputees. Transfemoral residual limbs generally have a large amount of soft tissue. The Skeo 3D adapts to this by initially tapering in the distal area so that sensitive soft tissue is gently cushioned and not constricted or pushed upwards. The upper section of the liner is cylindrical in shape. This effectively encloses the residual limb and prevents the liner from rolling down. The drop-shaped textile inlay in the liner’s fabric acts as a positioning aid for attaching the KISS lanyard system. The Skinguard antibacterial additive in the liner material protects the liner from bacteria and thus prevents unpleasant odours from developing.

  • Skinguard antibacterial for reduced odors
  • Unique geometry comes as close as possible to the residual limb’s natural shape
  •  High wall thicknesses protect sensitive areas against pressure and impacts
  •  Thin material regions improve flexibility
  •  Textured inner surface improves adhesion and channels moisture away from skin
  •  Distal stabilizing matrix eliminates longitudinal stretching and pistoning 
  •  Proprietary textile cover makes it easy to put on and take off


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25, 26.5, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 45


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