6Y512 Uneo 3D Liner

6Y512 Uneo 3D Liner

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Code: 6Y512

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

An intelligent fit for maximum comfort: the Uneo 3D is precisely adapted to the anatomy of the residual limb. Sensitive areas such as the edge of the shin and head of the fibula are protected by thicker walls. Meanwhile, thinner walls at the rear improve knee mobility.

  • Fresh Scent Option to mask odors (-P) (cannot be combined with Skinguard)
  • Anatomy Specific Geometry provides anatomical shape and different wall thicknesses – thicker in sensitive areas to provide protection, and thinner in other areas to increase flexibility and wearer comfort
  • Pre-flexed 20 degrees, reducing wrinkles behind the knee while providing easier flexion
  • Excellent flow characteristics of the polyurethane material ensures even pressure distribution and material durability
  • Special textured interior structure in the liner disperses moisture, which can be washed out through daily cleaning
  • Non-stick treatment for easy donning and doffing
  • Two versions available: an uncovered version for maximum flow characteristics and easy cleaning, and a version with a partial fabric sheath for ease of donning and sleeve protection
  • Available with Skinguard, which has been proven to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odors
  • For below-knee fittings in patients of all activity levels
  • Suitable for sensitive, bony, and/or scarred residual limbs
  • Ideal for use with a one-way valve or with the Harmony vacuum volume management system and a sealing sleeve


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