3WR95 Aqua Knee Joint

3WR95 Aqua Knee Joint

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Code: 3WR95

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

The Aqua-Knee is water-resistant.

It is small, light and equipped with a miniature hydraulic unit and a lock. Less active and unsure prosthesis users can activate the lock to achieve greater stability during the stance phase.

When used unlocked, dynamic flexion and extension resistances can be adjusted separately from one another for swing phase control appropriate to the particular needs of the amputee.

Flood holes to the right and left on the joint body make it possible for the knee joint to flood when setting foot in water and facilitate cleaning the joint.

Product Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Monocentric
  • Integrated lock for additional stance phase control
  • Lightweight design
  • Miniature hydraulics based on 3R95 technology
  • Individually adjustable swing phase 


Product Type

Hydraulic Knee

Mobility Grade

K1, K2, K3

Maximum body weight


Amputation Level

Hip disarticulation, Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral