3C60 Kenevo Knee Joint
3C60 Kenevo Knee Joint
3C60 Kenevo Knee Joint
3C60 Kenevo Knee Joint

3C60 Kenevo Knee Joint

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Code: 3C60

Manufacturer: Ottobock

Short Description

The Kenevo is the first mechatronic knee joint specifically designed for prosthetic users of Mobility Grades 1 and 2. It provides unparalleled support and safety for the wearer via the latest technology available.

  • Real-time adaption to changes in walking characteristics and environmental conditions via the latest sensor technology.
  • Smaller and lighter (920g) than any other previously available mechatronic knee from Ottobock.
  • 3 specific Modes to cater for the entire functional range of Mobility Grades 1 and 2, easily adjusted via the software as a user progresses. An ideal tool for rehabilitation or for those who fluctuate in function.
  • Highly accurate determination of stance phase and stance release, ensuring improved safety and stability.
  • Supported sitting and standing features.
  • Specific wheelchair function.
  • Enhanced stumble recovery throughout the entirety of swing phase, providing additional safety.


Product Type

Microprocessor Knee

Mobility Grade

K1, K2

Amputation Level


Maximum body weight