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The New C-Leg® Confidence in the Next Step

The New C-Leg® Confidence in the Next Step

The New Functions

The C-Leg® is the most clinically evaluated prosthetic knee joint in the world. The new
C-Leg® combines the reliability and security of the original C-Leg® with enhanced functionality to better meet the individual needs of the wearer. The added functions and advantages of the newest generation of C-Leg® include:

Mechanical and electronic adjustments

Mechanical and electronic adjustments have improved swing phase control. The new
C-Leg® allows the user to achieve a gait pattern even closer to a natural one, with an easier, smoother movement at the knee joint.

Improved stumble recovery

Improved stumble recovery. C-Leg® technology already provided an impressively high level of stability. Now, we've adjusted the damping behaviour of the knee joint so the user can achieve stability with the sound leg more quickly after a trip or stumble – helping to avoid falls in even more situations.

Increased weight limit

Increased weight limit – 136 kg (300 lbs). Further development has made the new
C-Leg® even more robust. It is now approved for a maximum body weight of 136 kg (300 lbs) in combination with the suitable tube adapters.

3rd mode

An additional activity mode (3rd mode) allows extra, individualised movement patterns to be selected by the user.

More innovations

The prosthesis wearer also benefits from other innovations such as adjustable damping behaviour when the battery is drained and improved splash protection of the knee joint.

The 1C60 Triton prosthetic foot is now also approved for the C-Leg®, providing you with even more options for a prosthetic system.

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