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Michelangelo hand

Michelangelo hand

The Michelangelo Hand is a myoelectric controlled prosthetic hand featuring a moveable thumb that can be electronically positioned, featuring passive and active wrist rotation, a flexible oval wrist, fast and reliable data transmission, and seven hand positions.

Two drives create a natural hand movement pattern. The main drive is responsible for gripping movements and gripping force while the thumb drive allows the thumb to be electronically positioned in an additional axis of movement. For patients, it is easy to operate, and for practitioners it is easy to adjust with AxonSoft software and Bluetooth® data transfer.

The Michelangelo prosthetic hand: Intelligently simple

Michelangelo prosthetic hand user with family

Natural movement

The Michelanglelo’s thumb, index and middle fingers are actively driven, while the ring and pinky passively follow the other fingers—and can support objects from below, such as a can.


The fingertips are made of a combination of soft and hard materials to allow real precision when grasping objects.

Prosthetist consulting with hand amputee

Thumb’s up!

Michelangelo is the first thumb in the world that can be positioned electronically. While most hands have only a single drive unit to control the gripping action, the Michelangelo has a second thumb drive unit to allow you to position the thumb with myoelectric controls.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand user with flowers


The multiaxial movement pattern minimizes unnatural compensating movements and promotes a healthy, natural body posture.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand user with bees

Rest easy

The hand returns to a natural rest position when not being actively used.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand user with family picnic

Quick change artist

Michelangelo has three position modes, offering 7 grip types—including open palm and a powerful key grip.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand tying shoes

Open new doors

The oval AxonWrist flexes, extends, and rotates for the most natural acting wrist function available.

AxonSkin prosthetic hand glove colors

Hand in glove

NEW! Now introducing the latest glove option for the Michelangelo Hand, Axon Silicone glove. The Axon Silicone glove offers a more natural look and feel and is available in colors 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.


Love our Axon SkinNatural PVC glove? Not to worry, it’s is also available, in addition to our visual (translucent) and black gloves.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand rotation

Now with Active Rotation!

NEW! AxonRotation featuring active AND passive rotation. By combining the hand’s seven different grip patterns and automatic thumb positioning with active rotation, there is now greater functionality for the user. Ideal for both unilateral and especially bilateral users. The AxonRotation is programmed for more intuitive and effective use benefitting the user in many ADLs.

Michelangelo prosthetic hook with computer

Precision and Versatility: Introducing the AxonHook

For maximum versatility, precision and power, look for the LATEST addition to the AxonBus Family: the AxonHook. The AxonHook is the perfect complement to the Michelangelo Hand. Offering titanium with Polyurethane coated fingers, the AxonHook is precise and powerful, the perfect companion to the Michelangelo Hand – ready for any technical task.

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