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POWER KNEE is the first and only active prostheses in the world for people with knee amputation. Incorporating the latest Bionic Technology from Össur, this smart, second-generation device reproduces the power of the lost muscle. Designed to help restore the symmetry of motion, POWER KNEE offers unprecedented functionality for people experiencing lower limb loss.


  • Motor power is used to reproduce the effect of concentric muscles
  • Allows complex, but fast moving sequences
  • It offers unprecedented functionality by classifying the POWER KNEE into a separate category by itself


  • It bends and aligns at the correct moment, while lifting the toe to avoid stumbling, and activates power through difficult terrain such as grass and sand
  • It provides a lifting function when the user stands upright, and powers up when climbing stairs, creating a safe and natural ascent with "alternating limb movement"
  • It uses artificial intelligence to calculate the most appropriate response, helping the user to cross obstacles and uneven terrain


  • Gently pushes the user forward, generating power to help maintain gait speeds (power that the user should previously produce by pumping from his body's energy reserves)
  • It constantly learns and responds to unique walking arrangements so that the desired movement is as natural and energy efficient as possible
  • It aims to minimize strain on the rest of the body through better symmetry of movement, which ultimately contributes to improving the user’s health

"The clinical benefits of MOVING POWER are endless ... the strain reduction on the mutilated extremity and the protection of the organization from effects of muscle replacement are the most obvious advantages. " Mr Pommier, Pommier Orthopédie, Paris
"The sense of climbing uphill With POWER KNEE is fantastic. It gives me a lot of support, especially when I climb stairs, and helps me to get out of the chair. I can definitely feel the power of the bionic knee. " Beate Bakermans

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