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The Rheo Knee 3®
Ten years have pass since Össur's first RHEO KNEE began to change people's lives. Now there is the RHEO KNEE 3 - a third generation of highly efficient microprocessor controlled knee. RHEO KNEE 3 helps users feel absolute control at all times and gives confidence a new dimension. This knee automatically adjusts to the way people choose to walk.







Dynamic gait with extra confidence

  • Feel perfectly safe even on stairs, ramps and uneven passages
  • Change walking speed and orientation with great ease
  • Move more naturally even in limited space
  • Walk more, using less energy and maintaining a high level of activity
  • It supports the imperfections of walking with ease
  • Stability and trust in your every step, even in small ones
  • Increased battery life, up to 3 days
  • Helps maintain the truncation at healthy levels
  • It works with any kind of tread



  • The unique technology of the new RHEO KNEE interprets every movement of its user, sensing how much weight falls on the knee, in which direction and the speed at which it is moving



  • To ensure adequate adaptation to variable walking speeds, RHEO KNEE is thinking of and deciding on the most appropriate support during the support and swing motion phases. By recognizing, while walking, sloping surfaces, stairs and even inconspicuous changes to flat surfaces, it constantly analyzes what happens and determines the next best move.



  • Having calculated how much resistance in the support phase is required, or whether the extent during swing needs adjustment, the precision actuators take immediate action. The speed of the extension while at the swing phase and the improved stability on stairs and inclined surfaces offer particular advantages to people with double amputation, compromised users or those with additional challenges, as well as to people with hip dislocation mutilation

RHEOKNEE uses advanced sensor technology in a form of cellular loads to perform power measurements 1,000 times / second. The microprocessor always knows how the user uses the prostheses, identifies the variations in the walking pace, changes in weight (e.g. if the user picks up a bag), if the ground suddenly changes etc. Protects the user against possible slipping or falling. The resistance is automatically adjusted and thus smooth and natural motion is produced, adapting to different walking speeds even on external factors.

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