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VESALIUS is a pioneer in the manufacturing of high-quality prostheses, and upper and lower limbs prosthetics accompanied by all state certifications. It is the only orthopedic rehabilitation company with orthopedic engineers and specialized personnel, highly trained in this particular field of health. Its services are flanked by new care benefits, as it has psychological support, physiotherapy and a special child care department, Vesalius Kids.

Smiling, boldly passing the adversities, exceeding the expectations of your own self, that is the philosophy of VESALIUS. A philosophy, forged every after year, at every step, along with the people who trusted the future of their health and movement in the company.

VESALIUS' goal is being the absolute answer to the requirements of orthopedic rehabilitation of all ages. Its mission is, the constant improvement of the products it offers, in order to protect and restore your physical movement and balance.

VESLIUS is based in Thessaloniki and operates throughout Greece, constructing prostheses - artificial limbs and orthopedic articles. 

Κλεάνθους 4, Θεσσαλονίκη, 54642
t. 2310233723 f. 2310868071

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