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The unrivaled tread and knee of the Aqualine set

In terms of functionality, the combination of the knee and tread of the Aqualine set is the best choice for waterproof prosthetic systems. The Aqua tread is distinguished by a particularly high degree of anti-slip functionality providing an extra degree of safety during the stopping phase on wet surfaces. Thanks to the built-in safety, the knee can lock where it is needed for activities inside and around the water, which contributes to greater stability in the stopping phase.

Waterproof 3WR95 joint, Aqua Knee

  • Monocentric
  • Integrated security for additional control during the stop phase
  • Lightweight design
  • Hydraulic cylindrical model based on 3R95 joint technology
  • Separately adjustable suspension phase

The 3WR95 Aqua knee includes a convenient manual lock for added stability. The fuse is quickly disengaged thanks to a lever located in the middle part of the joint. The knee also has holes in the lower part so as to facilitate cleaning after use.

1WR95 Aqua Tread

  • Waterproof
  • Very good adhesion due to special material and design
  • Grid profile on the sole
  • Natural shape with distinct fingers and separate large finger
  • Kernel with robust multiplex structure which in the modular version is factory-set securely for protection against water penetration
  • Sealing the sole with a plug
  • Available in two versions: With high-quality titanium fastener for modular or non-clip constructions for extra-skeletal prostheses

The 1WR95 * foot is sealed to the top for water protection and also has a cap on the bottom. The sole of the tread has slots for better pressing on the wet surfaces. Users will also appreciate the design of the tread with the separate large finger for flip-flop use.

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