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For some people, simply walking is a marathon. For some children a caress feels like torture. For some, the difficulties in physical movement mean not only limitation but also social exclusion. Nowadays, as medical technology evolves rapidly, no one should be left behind. However, orthotic structures are a part of the overall sociopsychosomatic approach required in orthopedic restoration. This assessment requires coordinated treatment by a specialized team.

VESALIUS orthotic specialists are qualified in the application of orthoses with physiological anatomy knowledge, biomechanics, the ability to recognize the conditions that affect the neuromuscular system and to perceive the psychological and social effects of dysfunction. They can also provide all the information that patients need and educate them as well as their environment in using the equipment. The orthoses cannot replace the beneficial activation and inspiration offered by the people or the special strengthening exercises that the patient ought to follow. They can, however, exert strength on a certain part of the body to limit or control an unwanted movement and to compensate any distortion or weakness by improving and protecting their physical function.

Each orthoses manufactured in VESALIUS for either the limbs or the trunk is unique for every patient. It combines strength and stability with stiffness and friendly skin contact. We can always find the right material and the right machine for a patient.

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