Our Products

Our Products

Restoration means participating actively, regaining control.

These are the goals we set for you, cooperating with your doctor and physiotherapist. At VESALIUS we believe that every person who suffers has the right to take his time and all the information he needs, in order to conclude to the right solution for himself.

At VESALIUS we manufacture and have at our disposal many different lower and upper limb prostheses, rehabilitation machines, prostheses and carers (with details that make the difference), therapeutic footwear and special soles for diabetics of outstanding quality. Do your research, ask for information about all the possibilities you have, about the technologies, about the way of recovery, about your new habits. Do not be discouraged, look for the one who can guide and better support your own or your child's move. You want control, and here in VESALIUS we have the whole range of products and all the support services to get it back.

Artificial limbs are distinguished in lower limb prostheses and upper limb prostheses, serving any form of amputation.
VESALIUS's construction department uses state-of-the-art products, where the movement is automatically adjusted by optimizing the pace.
VESALIUS manufactures orthoses always after taking a plasterboard, personalized for each patient.
Orthopedic, diabetic, therapeutic, postoperative shoes for all types of foot disorders
Orthopedic insole is used to adopt the foot in a proper position inside the footwear. Insoles are used both in orthopedic and regular shoes.

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