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Indications About Genium

Indications for Genium

The following indications and contraindications are recommendations from Ottobock. These and possibly any additional indications should be evaluated by the prescribing physician who prescribes the product for each separate case:

• People with amputation at the lower extremity (amputation level: knee disjoint and higher) 

• Mobility grades 2, 3 and 4

• Maximum body weight up to 150 kg depending on the adapter tube


Genium is particularly suited to patients

• With knee dislocation or very long thigh stump and / or 

• Who are unable to charge a C-Leg battery daily and / or battery pack daily? 

• Who have to cross many stairs and consider it important to be able to climb a step while changing their pace and / or 

• Who must stand upright frequently and / or for a long time? 

• Who mainly work in a seated position or sit frequently and for a long time and / or 

• Who must often cover long distances and / or

• Who must often change walking speed and / or 

• Who must often move in narrow spaces and in crowded areas and / or 

• Who must often pass through steep and uneven surfaces and / or 

• Who must often retreat or must be able to run back quickly, for their safety, and without risk and / or 

• Who must often wear different prostheses and / or footwear

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