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Are you about to go on an easy walk or are you in a hurry to go to an appointment? Are there abnormal surfaces or difficult gradient walking surfaces? Whatever occurs during the day, the 3E80 electronic joint offers excellent operation with great safety.

New, user-friendly technology

The 3E80 combines the advantages of a monocentric hydraulic joint with electronic monitoring and control. Patented sensor technology increases the level of stability and improves freedom of movement. The joint automatically responds to changes during walking and adapts its operation to every step, even in high activity.

Powerful, durable and low maintenance needs

With the 3E80, you can handle every kind of everyday challenges. The joint is durable and has low maintenance needs.

More advantages of 3E80 Automatic

  • Automated adjustment to the amputee’s weight and gait speed it
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful and durable
  • Battery life up to 96 hours

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