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Harmony® P3

More safety thanks to vacuum

Applications concerning the prosthesis aim at the unobstructed ability of walking. The good connection between truncate and prosthesis has a crucial role. Here the quality of the application is just as important as the quality of life

The close and secure connection of the cuff and the prosthesis strongly affects the comfort and safety that the user feels. The Harmony® system is an active vacuum system for tibia and thigh prosthesis. The air between the casing and the shaft is almost entirely exhausted by the use of a pump to achieve high adhesion to the stem. The forces acting on the stem when performing movements, so-called lifting and shear forces, are limited to the minimum.

The Harmony® system

Minimizes the risk of painful compression points.

Controls truncate’s mass and prevents any fluctuations of it.

It improves the hemorrhage of the truncate and is therefore particularly suitable for people with diabetes and vascular diseases.

It increases the adhesion of the prosthesis on the truncate and thus enhances the perception of the soil. The user of the prosthesis feels what happens under his prosthetic foot.


The built-in damping unit minimizes loads created from impact or rotation when walking.

Offers maximum security in everyday life.



An active air system for tibial prostheses

Built-in absorbent sock 

40% lighter system due to new design and construction 

Two model versions are available (1) for patients over 100kg and (2) for patients over 150kg 

A tight clasp turns the polyrethene and the sock into a closed system



Manages the mass of the truncate 

Enhanced construction 

It improves blood circulation to the rest of the limb 

Excellent fit of the sock for enhanced safety 

More targeted power transmission when walking 

Relieves pressure on the joints and the spine 



With fluctuations of the truncate over 2cm 

With diabetes and blood pressure diseases 

With prominent bones and difficult markings

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