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Like in grammar, in orthopedic restoration, prostheses define verbs, action, and movement. This means that even without prostheses - artificial members or artificial joints - the movement exists, it is there. However, by using prostheses we determine the goals, the direction and the extent to which the body will work. A mutilation does not only change the living conditions, but if forces the individual to teach its body how to move, all over again. This is not simple, but it is certainly not impossible. Let’s not forget that surprising our own selves is what gives us the greatest joy.

At VESALIUS we activate these forces. Your re-entry into daily exercise starts gradually. First comes the caring and the binding of the wound, the right preparation should be done until swelling fades away. Then through physical and occupational therapy, we help you to adapt to your new everyday living and the right choice of your prostheses. The duration of the procedure and the type of medical technology, that will be used is determined by the extent of your amputation, clinical picture, lifestyle and your needs. There are prostheses for lower and upper limps, that are mechanical, myoelectric, decorative and, of course, last generation Bionic. Every and each one of them can help you, but as the prostheses only - as good as they are - are not enough to complete the job, members of the VESALIUS Recovery Team are committed to meeting the demands of new living conditions. You can ask about special and practical issues, ask for psychological support, meet other people who face the same problem as you, share your experience. VESALIUS will be next to you at every step, because no matter how advanced artificial limps are today, it’s the power of the people that makes them move.

Artificial limps are categorized as lower extremity prosthetics and upper extremity prosthetics.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics: Hip disarticulation, Thighs, Knee disarticulation, Shins, Feet
Upper Extremity Prosthetics: Mechanical, Myoelectrical, Cosmetic

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