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Advanced battery technology provides the energy to swing the POWER KNEE forward with the movement of the active pendulum. This gently pushes users forward on all types of soils, allowing them to set their own walking pace. While other knee systems provide resistance only during flexion, POWER KNEE uses its motor power to reproduce the effect of concentric muscles and the condense of the muscle function required to produce energy.

This power, combined with artificial intelligence and sophisticated sensors, allows for complex motion sequences and classifies the POWER KNEE into a category by itself.




Sensor technology on POWER KNEE combines accelerometers, gyroscopes, a ground contact sensor, a torque sensor and a load cell, which all work together to monitor the position and movement of the bionic knee. Also, it measures with great precision the forces and the load that are applied to the knee at any time. The sum of this data is continuously transmitted to a microcontroller within the bionic knee. Using the artificial intelligence, it can process exactly the kind of activity the user is occupied with and predict successfully the next desired move.

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