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Triton smart ankle

Triton smart ankle

Reclaim your choice.

Taking the sidewalk or the trail? The elevator or the stairs? Wearing sneakers, dress shoes, or boots?

With Triton smart ankle, the choice is yours. With a higher range of motion than any other microprocessor-controlled ankle available, the ability to change heel height with a smartphone app, and up to three days of battery life, you're able to go where you want, the way you want, at your own pace.

The ankle-foot adjusts to changes in walking speed and terrain on the fly and, with a built-in relief function, even makes standing and sitting more natural and comfortable.

Walking up slopes, stairs, and ramps is noticeably easier.

See the Advantages for you tab below to learn more ways Triton smart ankle adjusts to you.

Advantages for you

Smartphone app

Smartphone app control

The Galileo app for iOS and Android lets you monitor battery level, adjust heel height and perceived toe stiffness, and enable a free ankle feature that makes it easier to put on pants.

Easy heel adjustment

The Triton smart ankle lets you switch between shoes with different heel heights up to 2 inches. And it's easy: you make the adjustment yourself with the Galileo smartphone app.

C-Leg 4

Above-knee combinations

While it's a great solution for below-knee amputees, Triton smart ankle is also compatible with the C-Leg, Genium, and X3microprocessor knees, providing even more comfort and range of motion.

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