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Aqualine Joint System

Experience the water

Dealing with the everyday challenges of water – from an afternoon sprinkle to being stable in the shower – is something you have to frequently discuss. Ottobock has created a new option to bring to the conversation, the Aqualine knee and ankle joints.

These waterproof products are based on a new production technique and are made of a carbon composite material. Similar in endurance to metal joints, they are much lighter and still withstand chlorinated or salt water, as well as the more typical varieties.The weight limit for bilateral use is up to 100 kg / 220 lbs.

These unique components are available for 20mm system bars, and work with  thermoplastic, lamination or prepreg fabrication.

Water resistance
The individual orthosis components must be
permanently resistant to water and corrosion, and contact with chlorine or soap should not impair their functionality. Contact with salt water, e.g. in the context of brine bath therapy, should also be possible.

The risk of slipping is especially high in wet areas. We generally recommend the use of a full-surface non-skid sole or bathing shoe, as well as using the knee joint in locked position.


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