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Unique in its ability to offer active, motorized movement for people with lower limb loss, the POWER KNEE is designed to eliminate the effort of walking on flat ground, inclined surfaces and stairs. It aims to help users cover longer distances in speeds higher than those they could achieve earlier at the same level of cost energy.

POWER KNEE can also detect its course in terms of space and direction, enhancing a sense of propriety for those with lower limb loss. The integrated microcontroller uses artificial intelligence to understand what is happening with the bionic knee at any time, helping to anticipate, calculate and motivate the optimal response with immediate effect. Continuous analysis of the walking symmetry helps stimulate high-performance gaits. These, along with the "seat and upright" function, are designed to help improve health and energy levels, minimizing strain on the back, hips and healthy lower limb.




The electromechanical actuator is essentially the source of the mechanical / muscular power of the bionic knee. It provides a series of responses, including the incontrovertible lifting power to deal with stairs and sitting from the upright position, the resistance for sloping downhill surfaces and gentle pushing to improve gait on flat surfaces. The microcontroller guides the actuator with precision on how and when to act as well as the exact amount of power required. A compatible transmission device aims to recreate the natural sensation of the bounce at the beating of the heel while absorbing the vibrations and helps protect the back and hips

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