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C -LEG compact


• Disabled people who have the ability to walk at 3 to 5 km / h

• Disabled whose daily routine includes moving from and to places and which require flexibility of the knee joint, low seats, steps on stairs etc.

• Disabled with professional activities that require high levels of security

• Disabled with thigh amputation and good walking ability

• Disabled people with varying paces, fast walking (more than 5 km / h) or long distances (over 5 km / day)

• Disabled people who walk on uneven ground or often climb stairs (over 100 / day)

• People with professional activities where high level of safety is required and especially where swing control efficiency is required. Also people who walk for extended periods

• Disabled people who have to change their movements and suddenly accelerate in unexpected situations (e.g. people responsible for child care)

• Disabilities requiring additional movements (e.g. standing with a slightly bent knee and weight resting)

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